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Are You Troubled By Your Skin Problems like Acne Scars, Freckles, Pigmentations Or Ageing Spots? What If I Can Show You How To Get Back Your "25 Years Old" Skin & Regain Back Your Self-Confidence?

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Dear Friend,

If you been suffering from low self-esteem, low confidence level due to your skin problems, you will be glad to reach this page.

Skin problems occurs not only because of ageing but the main culprit is also the lack of suitable nutrients supplied to your skin cells. If you know of people who look much older than their actual age, you know what I mean.

Therefore, if you managed to choose skin care products that can supplied the right vitamins and nutrients to your damaged skin cells at the dermis layer, your skin problems could be improved by more than 90%.

While many people may choose to go for harsh treatment like IPL & skin peeling to get instant results, many of them frequently complained that their skin become much more sensitive and thus unable to use other skin care products.

Most also reported that pigmentation and freckles will reappear after a couple of months, so the solution is not lasting.

So, what can you expect from Dr Secret products?

Unlike conventional skincare products, the longer you use DR Secret, the younger you look! This is the reason why there are over 1 million repeat orders for DR Secret skincare product all over the world.

Some celebrity are even using it secretly! If they are already using, why not You?

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Skin Problems: Black Spots, Warts & Wrinkles

black spots, warts & wrinklesAs I grow older, skin problems such as black spots, warts and wrinkles especially around my eyes, lips and neck started showing.

These skin woes irritated me and disrupted my daily activities as I want to look fresh and elegant everyday. Because of these, I always have to rely on heavy make-up to cover my skin problems everyday.

Two and a half years ago, i witnessed my daughter taking control of her pigmentation and wart problem witth Dr Secret.

3 weeks after using Dr Secret, I was amazed by the improvement on my skin. black spots & wrinkles have started to disappear. 3 months on, my skin experiencced an improvement of up to 80% and now it is free from spots and wrinkles.

I definitely look younger than my actual age. Dr Secret is an effective product, safe for anyone and it's easy to use. Now looking good everyday is as easy as can be!

- Des Rivai Saad, 69, Indonesia, Affected by Black Spots, Warts & Wrinkles

Skin Problem: Hereditary Freckles

hereditary freckles skin problem Due to hereditary reasons, my family members suffer from serious cases of freckles problems. Even upon using countless skin care products, the freckels probelms do not seem to improve.

But thank goodness for letting me discover the wonderful product - Dr Secret. Initially, I tried Dr Secret with a skeptical attitude. After just 1 month, my freckles problems improved tremendously.

The results surprised myself and also those around. I'm eternally grateful to Dr Secret for helping me to achieve a problem-free skin. The next to benefit will be my family members and those around me.

- Chu Swee Ngor, 51, Malaysia, Affected by Hereditary Freckles

I love to try out new things and products. As a beautician, I have been searching for a product that will be able to make my customers and my skin look even more radiant.

I attempted various products and it's poor quality caused unsightly pigmentation on my face. As a result, my skin started having irreparable skin conditions.

Just when I felt helpless and dejected, I encountered Dr Secret which saved my deteriorating skin condition and eased away my anxieties. My skin reacted positively to Dr Secret and I have finally found a superior skin care range that I shall remain loyal to.

Jiang Yi Zhen, 33, Taiwan, Affected by Skin deterioration due to usage of poor quality products

My pigmentation problem around the cheeks began since giving birth in 1991. during that tormented period, I could only step out of the house after putting on heavy make up.

I have searched high and low for that one product to cure the "butterfly wings" around my cheeks and even tried recommendations form various doctors to no avail.

When I discovered Dr Secret, my skin problem ceased. Dr Secret allowed my skin to reveal it's radiance and fairness. It's unique formula is safe and reliable, giving me glowing skin even without any make up. Today, I'm brimming with confidence thanks to Dr Secret.

- Candy Ng, 46, Singapore, Affected by Pigmentation from post child birth

Skin Problem: Acne

acne problemSince I was 10, I have been the target of constant teasing because my face was full of pimples.

A year ago, my mother bought me a set of Dr Secret T series product and Avance products, and I started using them regularly.

In 3 months, my family noticed the improvements and my pimples started to disappear. 5 months later, all the pimples were gone! It feels like I've finally won the five year war with my acne problems and I've never felt prettier!

- Yew Siew Khoon, 16, Malaysia, Affected by Acne problems

acne problemA year ago, my skin starting having a bad bout of pimples. Helpless as I am, I became more and more despondent and did not even dare to go out to meet anyone.

I tried all sorts of products and visited more than 10 famous dermatologists, spending huge amounts of money to no avail. My acne problem became worse.

However, things were set to change 2 weeks upon using Dr Secret. The pimples on my face subsided tremendously and I leap with joy!

Now, I use Dr Secret every single day and my complexion has become so much smoother, clear and supple. Everyone is so envious about my beautiful skin and I no longer feel embarrassed to face others!

- Mega Lala, 21, Indonesia, Affected by Sudden Acne Outbreak

skin problems: Whiteheads & Pimples

In the past, my skin was full of whiteheads and pimples. It was even itchy sometimes.

But after using Dr Secret, not only has the itching stopped, the pimples no longer pop up and my skin is bright and radiant.

- Khoo Bee Lian, 29, Whiteheads & Pimples

I suffered very bad skin damage from using too many different cosmetic products.

I was introduced to Dr Secret 3 weeks before Chinese New Year and was assured that my skin would heal by Chinese New Year. I took up the challenge and am completely delighted to have done so!

- Chin Fui Lin, 45, Skin damage caused by cosmetic chemicals

Dr Secret has helped enhanced my skin's natural resistance so that it is no longer sensitive as before.

Words can't express much, but my photos can surely say a thousand words!

- Goh Hui Ching, 28, Sensitive skin, whiteheads, large skin pores

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Simple, Safe & Speedy

Dr's Secret is created based on the principles of dermatological and nutritional science, DR’s SECRET is the result of extensive clinical researches of skincare formulas available on the market today.

Dr’s Secret will positively bring about a derma revolution in your skincare regime. It can effectively clear away all kinds of skin problem.

Monday, January 08, 2007

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Business Opportunity

DR's Secret is a highly sought after quality products. This is a business opportunity with multi-millions business potential. We are looking for aspiring entrepreneur to help us expand this business offline at your local country. We are giving out very very attractive package to you. Comprehensive training and marketing material will be provided. Business coaching will be provided to you. We will train you to be a Millionaire. Do you have the desire to succeed? If you have, you are the one we are looking for. Regardless of which countries you are from, we welcome you to join us as well!

About Best World:
Best World International Limited is a company that specializes in the creation of health and wellness products which are distributed through their proprietary direct selling channel.

Best World International (BWI) was founded in 1990 by both Dr. Dora Hoan and Dr. Doreen Tan. The Company was first incorporated in Singapore as a private company limited by shares under the Companies Act on 11 December 1990 under the name of Best World Trading Pte Ltd. BWI subsequently changed its name to Best World International Pte Ltd on 13 September 1996. Pursuant to a Restructuring Exercise, BWI became the holding company of the Group. The company was listed on Singapore Stock Exchange (Sesdaq) on 8 July 2004. and was renamed Best World International Limited.

Through better understanding of consumer needs and driving product innovation specifically designed to address market demand, Best World has since develop many preferred brands like DR’s Secret, Optrimax, winner of Singapore Promising brand award winner Avance and bwL. Avance also received the ‘Superbrands’ award.

BWI is fortunate to have a team of experience as well as dedicated management team. We believe that our passion, fuelled by our quest for excellence, equips us with the additional thrust to stay ahead of the competition.

In the field of nutritional health and beauty, BWI prides itself as a prominent front-runner with an impressive track record that few can rival. Our premium products, quality innovations and service excellence have been the cornerstones of our success in Singapore.

Leveraging on its success in Singapore and the scalability of its unique business model, Best World has since established their presence in Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

DR's Secret 消除痤疮,雀斑,色斑

拥有超过100万用户使用DR's Secret,你可以肯定它的质量.

1. 清除化妆及其他杂质

2. 清除死皮肤细胞及

3. 控制黑色素生产,留下你的皮肤与连和轻音.

4. 逐步减轻雀斑,年龄景点及其他着色.

5. 减轻肌肤的语调.

6. 促进细胞新陈代谢,从而加快清除死不健康的皮肤细胞,同时加速增长,新的健康细胞.

7. 形成新的血管分布营养和氧气到皮肤细胞中,使你的皮肤是粉红色的光芒.

8. 刺激胶原生成,从而恢复皮肤的弹性和坚定性,去除皱纹.

9. 提供皮肤免受有害影响所致太阳的紫外线/UVB的照射.

10. 可作为化妆基础.

11. 制定抗氧化剂,防止早衰.

Friday, January 05, 2007

MLM Seminar In Singapore

There's a MLM Seminar in Singapore organized by Singapore public listed company bwL. There will be 2 speakers:

1. Ms. Rita Ong is a highly educated professional. 4 years ago, Rita left her cushy, well-paying and highly-regarded professional career in management to join Best World as she saw amazing growth opportunities in the company. She was determined to develop her direct selling network
in the Indonesian market. Within a short span of time, Rita established a strong network in Indonesia and at the same time enjoyed fruitful financial returns.

2. Dr. Dora Hoan is a renowned entrepreneur in the region. 17 years ago, she founded Best World and provided tens of thousands of people the opportunity to establish their
individual enterprises as well as transformed many people’s lives. Dr. Hoan has also led Best World to become the very rst direct selling company to be listed on the Singapore
Exchange Main Board. Dr. Dora Hoan shares on why the bwL business is dierent from other direct selling companies and how you can leverage on the bwL platform to build your global network business.

The MLM Seminar In Singapore:
Date : 7th June 2007 (Thursday)
Time : 7pm -10pm
Enrolment : S$10.00 (Call Thomas @ 97680834 For Booking)
Venue : 480 Lor 6 Toa Payoh #15-00 HDB Hub East Wing